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            We are pleased you stopped by. We have over 1000 pages of stories, poems etcÖ for you to go through and read plus we add new content all the time. There are also over 100 links within the site to other great sites. Our intention with this site is for you to be inspired and possibly change your life. We believe that Jesus Christ should be #1 first and foremost. We also believe that family should be next which is husband & wife relationships then children, then your country then your source of income & then everything else in your life. You have to have that vertical line in order for your life to be prosperous the way God intended it to be. We feel that even if you arenít a Christian that you will be able to get at least something out of this but our site is God-Oriented and we will never change that. If you see things that maybe you donít 100% agree with, remember this, just take from the site what you can or want to use and disregard anything you donít agree with but donít judge the whole site on just a few things. If you are completely against Christian sites then you might as well  ďXĒ out of this site now.

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