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          Why God allowed the WTC Tragedy


This is my perspective on why God allowed all this to happen. First and foremost this was an act of satan and not God, God only gives us good and in the Bible it says all good comes from God and all bad comes from satan. We know that God seen this happening and let it happen but why you may ask? Look at our country right now, the crime rate is down since this, we are a nation who has turned back to God. This country has unity like never before. We have all become a lot stronger from all of this. I do also believe that God allows us to handle the people who did this too. The Bible has many battles in it so we all know that is OK with God under certain circumstances. Not only has this country pulled so much closer to God but the world has united like never before. Look at it from a positive point of view, millions upon millions of people are closer to God and God used around 5000 people to do all this. So just look at the lost lives as a people who saved millions of people. Now I am not implying that you agree with me, this is just my opinion on all of this. Ever since all this has happened, I have prayed and prayed with all my heart for an answer to why God would allow such a thing and that is what I got. I feel this is suppose to be a wake up call for the world and God knew that the world would unite and become closer to him because of this. Many people that lost their Faith turned to him from all this. I am not implying either that this should happen all over, I just feel that God allowed this for the reasons that I said. Just remember that God did not bring this on, itís an act of satan!! We as a Nation and the world has to look at this whole event from a broader point of view. Look at the bigger picture and I feel you might see what I am trying to say in this letter. This also has given me a new perspective on life period. We take that for granted so much. I will love life so much more now because we never know what is going to happen. All the little petty things that used to upset me, I wonít let that happen anymore, If we live for God we as Christians should be happy people and show Christís love through us, our lives should be bright and we should allow God to do his work through us. I hope this has helped some people. Even if this letter has a positive effect on just one person then I accomplished what I set out to do, I do hope it effects more but just one will make all this worth it. Thank you for reading my perspective.

                                                                God Bless you all

                                                                                    By: Chris Benton



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