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Dedication to the USA

This page is going to be dedicated to our Country the USA and the freedoms that we have and take for granted. The 57 MEN who signed The Declaration of Independence knew that once they signed that, they just signed their death warrant but they knew that they had to stand for our freedom and that there is a price tag on freedom.  They stood for freedom and everything. Where are the MEN like that???? I hope as I add more to this page over time that this will wake some men up!!!!!! By the way, 50 out of the 57 men that signed it, were CHRISTIANS!!!!  How ironic huh??? Our country isn't falling because of strength of evil but rather the lack of strength in Christians. We need Christians to take a stand like those men who stood for our freedom and put your pride past you and don't worry what people think of you but what God thinks of you because he is who we are to please. Now if anyone from another country reads this, I am not making this page to slam or put down other countries but rather to help raise people up to a standard that the USA used to be years ago. I believe that all countries should be free. I am very proud to live in the USA but this country is falling and we need Christians to stand up and be counted for. So many Christians say this isn't our problem but anything that happens in this country is everyone's problem!!!!! So stand up and do something!!!!

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