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Dreams/Goals & Future

When the Dream is big enough the Facts don't count


As important as your past is, it's not near as important as the way you see your future.

Your future will not be the same as your past unless you don't change.

No matter what a mans past has been, his future is spotless. (John R. Rice)

A pessimist is someone regardless of the present, is disappointed in the future.

Never look back unless you go that way.

There is no life in the past.

The more we look backwards, the less we will be able to see forward.

3 Things we know about the future

1) It's not going to be like the past
2) It's not going to be exactly like we think it will be.
3) The rate of change will take place faster than we imagine.

You don't create wealth by saving it, you create it by out earning it.

If you have no goals, another day of your life just passes you by!


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