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Life without laughter will make you go crazy

Difference between men & women

Application to date my daughter

The Snow Plow & The Blonde Church Bulletin Bloopers
Pillsbury Dough Boy More Church Bulletins
The Wedding Walk on Water
Cute Things Kids Say Signs You Are Broke
The Car Men vs. Women
Hands-on Experience Things that begin with MEN
The Political Christmas Guide Women's Bumper Stickers
Things to Ponder Over The Hind Lick Maneuver
More Things to Ponder Over A Rookie Police Officer
The Basketball Coach 10 Reasons why Eve was Created
The Worry Problem The Recital
Job 7:11

The Hearing Aid

Poor Pastor

Christian Bumper Stickers

Little Old Lady More Bumper Stickers
50 Dollars PMS Advice
The Texas Salesman The Genie
The Perfect Husband Perfect
The Car Jacking The $1000 Dollar Book
The Parrot Job Evaluations
The Dream The Golfing Preacher
Rules for Men Where is God
Sand Traps Top 32 Oxymoron's
Computer Wizards The Boots
Why It's Great To Be A Man Answering Machine Messages
Why It's Great To Be A Woman Dear Dad Letter
Why Some Christian's Can't Play Ball The Sin
Heavenly Delight The English Lanuage
The Bug Twas The Night
Three Hymns Visiting Preacher
Man Witnesses an Accident  


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